Standard international packing list

By Danielle Baker

Even if I am going to a destination internationally for weeks at a time to a month, I like to bring only carry-on luggage. Of course, this is not always attainable depending on how long you are gone for, but here I will give you helpful tips for packing along with my typical packing list for international trips.

How I pack using only carry-on luggage

You have to look up what the airline will allow, in terms of weight and size of carry-on baggage, but what I typically do is use one larger backpacker's backpack for my items such as clothing and shoes. Then, I use a smaller JanSport backpack as my extra item: this is where I store my passport and essential airplane items such as important documents and food.

Passport and essential documents

I ALWAYS make two extra photocopies of my passport just in case something happens. I keep my passport in a separate passport holder pouch. I also make sure to print out all of my travel documents just in case I cannot access them on my phone.

Mini versions of Everything

In order to maximize as much packing room as possible, and so that I can be sure I meet the TSA guidelines for carry-on items, I buy everything mini

Airplane Essentials

Especially for longer flights, you need to ensure you have the essentials for during your flight. Helpful tip: if you have a Netflix account, download some shows beforehand when you have wifi so you can watch on the plane

How do you pack your wardrobe?

I try to make my clothing shrink in size without actually shrinking the fabric. How do I do this? I am just VERY careful and thoughtful about how I pack my items. I put certain items of clothing into other larger items of clothing. I also fit clothing items that I am able to inside of shoes.

  • 4 daytime shirts (two short sleeved, two long-sleeved; at least one should be athletic-wear)
  • 1-2 pairs of jeans (shorts and/or longer depending on weather conditions)
  • 1 dress/ skirt
  • 1-2 pairs of athletic bottoms
  • 7 pairs of underwear and socks (you can always do laundry or wash in your sink with laundry detergent you can either bring in you liquid containers or buy at a local store)
  • 2-3 pairs of shoes (pair of sneakers, shoes you can wear out to dinner or a bar--preferably waterproof, and flip flops just in case you are using a communal shower
  • 1 sweatshirt or jacket
  • 2-3 bras (regular and/or sports)

Other Personal Essentials

Besides clothing, here are some other things I always remember to bring

For when you get to your ACCOMMODATION

Since I like to travel on a budget, I usually stay in airbnbs or more commonly in hostels.

Tips for money

Always call your credit card/ debit card company before you go on a trip. This way, it is easier to avoid that stressful moment when your card suddenly stops working and you have no cell phone data to call your card company easily. Also, I always take out money from the ATM at the airport when I reach my destination. That way, I can avoid losing lose bills, and the exchange rate always tends to be better when doing that rather than exchanging money at the stands at the airport or at banks.