Sydney, Australia FEATURED BLOG

By: Avishag

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Hello there! Apologies for not writing in a while, there have been so many things going on in my life, it was hard to find the time to sit and share. But I’m back and thought I’d fill you in on some of the great things I’ve been doing while living in Sydney.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been slow since I’ve settled down, and I haven’t been having as many exciting adventures since my last big trip to New Zealand. However, when the sun has been out and shining, I have found the time to do some exciting things in and around Sydney:


Taronga Zoo- I’ll go way back to April (can’t believe I haven’t written anything since!) I had friends from back home visit, who were kind enough to invite me to spend a fun and exciting day with them at the Taronga Zoo. The best way to get to there is by ferry, and this was actually the first time I had gone on a Sydney ferry. It was a beautiful day, and what made this zoo extra special is the amazing view you have of Sydney over the harbour. If you ever plan on coming to Sydney, and you may not have as much time to go out to the Australian wilderness, I would definitely recommend spending a day at the zoo as it has a good mix of Australian animals and zoo favorites such as gorillas, giraffes and elephants.  



The Spit to Manly Walk- This would have to be my favorite walk I’ve done in Sydney so far. We started the day early, which at first I was very hesitant about, but looking back it was the right choice. Some friends and I took a bus to North Sydney, where there we started our 10k walk at The Spit. Though there was not much there, the views of the water and the homes that overlooked it were incredible. Overall it was such a beautiful walk. Since we started early, we were able to avoid the hotter weather and an abundance of people on the trails. This made the entire experience even more enjoyable, and made me feel as though I had left the city and was back in the Australian wilderness. We ended at Manly, and my only regret was not bringing a swimsuit as it turned out to be a perfect day for a swim. 



Palm Beach- Reuniting with some friends made in New Zealand, we met up in Chatswood, which is in North Sydney, and from there we drove to Palm Beach (not the one in Florida). It was about an hour drive, and is the most northern part in Sydney. Palm Beach is also known for where the show Home and Away is filmed. For those who don’t know what Home and Away is (like myslef), it’s one of Australia’s biggest soap operas, and is one of the shows many famous Australian actors started their careers on, such as Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher and Heath Ledger. Our goal for the day was to climb up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, where there we would get stunning views of the beach and ocean. Once we got to the top we all sat and looked out into the ocean in hopes of seeing whales, and though we were unlucky with sightings, it was still a relaxing and amazing view to sit and enjoy.


Whale Watching- Fast forward to present time. May is the start of Australia’s whale migrating season. This weekend I was originally going to do a day trip to Jervis Bay, but unfortunately the trip was cancelled. I knew my friend had booked a whale watching tour that same day, so I decided to tag along. Let me say I was not disappointed. We went on the morning tour, where we got lucky when there weren’t too many other people on the boat with us. One of the crew-members said there had been some whales spotted outside of Bondi Beach, so we headed there first. On the way we stopped as the crew said he spotted a few whales in the distance. My friends and I stood right at the front of the boat, when all the sudden I saw something move in the water. I pointed at it assuming it was a whale; I was close, but wrong. It jumped out of the water and we saw it was a bottlenose dolphin! As the boat was moving closer to the whales, the dolphin I spotted, plus two more swam up to the boat and began swimming alongside us. We finally made it to the whales and it was so amazing. It was about six humpback whales swimming together, and alongside them a large number of dolphins. For someone who is obsessed with marine mammals, it was a dream come true. We left that group of whales only to find a few hours later a juvenile humpback whale, swimming and breaching (jumping). He was doing this for about an hour, and not once was it exhausting to watch. We got very lucky with our spotting’s and it really was an incredible experience I won’t forget.