The best food is in Astoria, Queens, NYC!

When it comes to food, Astoria is definitely underrated. There is such a diverse mix of cultures, therefore resulting in this huge selection of delicious and authentic food. I've lived here for just over a year at this point--I've tried SO many different restaurants, but not nearly as many as there are in Astoria! New restaurants also keep popping up, so I keep adding new ones to my list. This is a compilation of some of my favorites:


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 3.48.14 PM.png

This is a magical Italian restaurant. Having only been back open for a few months since there was a fire, I have gone almost every Wednesday since I discovered it's re-opening. My friend and I like to go on Wednesdays after work because they have 50% off every bottle of wine-- and being teachers, WE NEED WINE! We like to try new things and share every time because everything is just so damn tasty.




Brooklyn Bagels

Brooklyn Bagels not only has amazing bagels (of course the best bagels are in NYC and Long Island!), but they also have the greatest assortment of cream cheeses! They have cannoli cream cheese, bacon scallion cream cheese, pumpkin cream cheese, seasonal cream cheeses for every season, hummus, blueberry cream cheese AND SO MUCH MORE!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 3.40.59 PM.png


The Shady Lady

Brunch is probably my favorite meal, and this place KILLS it with its brunches. The bloody marys are delicious, as is the food. The combinations of tastes in just one dish is such an experience--it is so hard to choose from the menu.


MP Taverna

Although MP Taverna has some really great Greek dishes all day long, their brunch is awesome as well! They serve a lot of their foods in a skillet, which makes this place unique. 




Oliver's has some pretty crazy dishes as well. I went for my mom's birthday with my family, and I want to go back ASAP! My mom got this amazing shrimp and grits dish with maple syrup, I got Eggs Benedict with hash browns and chipotle sauce, PLUS they have so many great specials, it's almost impossible to choose what to order.


A Mix of Other FANTASTIC Restaurants 

Queens Comfort


Man, I wish I could come here everyday. Apparently, their brunch lines on the weekend are down that block because of their food AND because it is BYOB. My friend and I jumped at the opportunity to go for lunch when we got out early from work. The menu consisted of A LOT of cheese, which naturally made it tough to choose just one dish--so we opted to get three. We got chicken and cheese sticks, Captain Crunch chicken, and chicken and waffles. 



Trattoria L'incontro


This Italian restaurant is probably one of the best I have ever gone to. I went for my birthday with my parents, and got this lamb and gnocchi dish-- the lamb literally slid off the bone it was so tender. 

Bubba's Bistro

Bubba's serve Creole-French and Southern food-- this is another place where I can't order JUST ONE dish-- I have to try them all! Their mac n cheese selection is to die for, along with everything else. I personally get mac n cheese and fried pickles almost every time I go there.